Wiola-Annika Mini

The finest Wiola-Annika mini gold plated sterling silver earrings with gold plated sterling silver pearls, white freshwater pearls, kiwi agat pearls and orange glas pearls.


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Nørgaard Jewellery Scandinavian Fashion Jewellery. Our passion for fine elegant jewellery comes from a life long interest in quality jewellery. All our jewellery are classics but with a twist of real freshwater pearls, krystals & diamonds. Our pearl Jewellery are all made in our jewellery workshop in Odense, Denmark. We make costume pieces after our costumers dreams. We choose our materials after quality and every jewellery are hand created or controlled in our workshop in Odense, Denmark. Our designs and jewellery are either based on 14-18 karat gold or sterling silver and embellished with unique handpicked freshwater pearls, topas, mountain crystals, safires, diamonds or other beautiful crystals and stones. Uniquely classic designs with a twist to make you feel extra beautiful everyday.


Every pearl is unique in shape, color and size and you can expect that some designs will differ from the product image when buying our handmade pearl jewellery.

Gold & silver

Gold plated sterling silver

Pearl/stone colour

Green/blue pearls, Mix colors


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