About Nørgaard Jewellery

A passion for elegant jewellery

Nørgaard Jewellery is owned by Mette Nørgaard.

We are a Scandinavian Fashion Jewellery brand.

Our passion for fine elegant jewellery comes from a life long interest in quality jewellery.

All our jewellery are classics but with a twist of real freshwater pearls and krystals. Our pearl and diamond jewellery are all made in our jewellery workshop where we also make costume made pieces. We choose our materials after quality, and every jewellery are hand created or controlled in our workshop in Odense, Denmark.

Noergaard jewellery are all based on either 14 karat gold or sterling silver and embellished with unique handpicked freshwater pearls, topas, mountain crystals, safires or other beautiful crystals and stones.

Uniquely classic designs with a twist, to make you feel extra beautiful everyday.

Uniqe Jewellery

Custom made

We make costum made pieces after your dreams, from earrings to engagement diamond rings.

Send us an email or DM us on Instagram, and we will get right back to you!

We love making unique costume made designs.

Precious, valuable and Unique


Diamond jewellery are precious, valuable and unique jewellery that can be passed on for generations and generations. I have spent years trying to conquer and get into the core of the diamond business. The diamond business on the large diamond districts in Belgium and New York are for the big and known player and this is where I have spent year to enter. Now I am in due to hard work, knowledge and continues good contacts. It means that I can now find any diamond of your dream, in any shape, size, color and quality to the absolute best price. It is all I have ever wanted, as I only design, make and sell the utmost beautiful quality jewellery and to the absolute best prices.

At Nørgaard Jewellery we together costumize your dream diamond jewellery, however you dream of diamond engangement ring, wedding ring, diamond earrings, a diamond necklace, bracelet or so, your dream can come true right here.
You deserve your dream diamond jewellery, without compromising on size, design and price.

//Because you deserve more 💎 for your money//

Do not hesitate to contact me for requests, questions or prices <3
-Mette Nørgaard, your personal diamond jeweler

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